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Shiloh (late-11.2020): Little Lucy Lou, toy poodle
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Hello. I'm new to this group. I'm trying to get some advice (not sure if anyone can help) our dog is a beautiful cockapoo. So well behaved but my other half doesn't like her, despite him wanting a dog and for that dog to be a cockapoo. I've never owned a dog before but I relented.

Now 2 years down the line, he doesn't walk her (I'm at work and he's at home) constantly shouts at her and I know that during the day, she's either in her crate or on her bed. Zero stimulation but despite this, she is still a lovely dog.

I want to keep her and if I had to choose, I'd choose the dog over him but if he does go, I'd have to give her up anyway as I'm at work all day and it's not fair on her. I can't afford a dog walker either. If I do re-home her to a home where she is appreciated, then I know that will look bad on me more than him as I have allowed it 😞

I doubt anyone has been in this situation. I suppose it just feels good to vent.
IMO, every single day, life presents us with choices, many of which are life altering. Your other half may be taking some of his personal frustrations out on y'all's dog. Perhaps, if he is willing, pursuing his own demons, dispatching them, will resolve your issue to everybody's happy conclusion. I am sad for your dog.
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