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I'm new here!

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Hi I'm new here! How do u post pictures? I wanted to learn how to groom my baby's hair myself since it is too expensive for me being a single mom of 3 kids! Any input is welcome! Thanks in advance Jennifer OH p.s. I LOVE ALL OF YOUR PICTURES!!!!!!!!!SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!
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hey welcome, you can uplode them to the galery then copy the IMG code or i use photobucket to host my photos and capu the IMG code.

how old is your cockapoo, and how do you want him clipped, i clip 3 of mime myself(delta is still a baby) i keep their bodys short but a good length on their legs, i also keep their tails fluffy aswell as their head and beard.

cant wait to see you photos, any problems feel free to contact me and i will see if i can help
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