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Hi Everyone

I have a 13 week old cockapoo named Ollie and he is so smart. His colour is apricot and has a white chest. He weighs 7 pounds so far.....Ollie rings a bell at the front door to go out. The bell is hanging on a string he hit's it with his nose and paw. It's the cutiest thing to watch. Ollie and I walk everyday for 45 min. He is now much better at walking. Before he would sit walk sit walk sit until I would drag him a small distances. Now he's a big boy and loves his walk. He loves his treats. Ollie sits , shakes a paw, speaks and lays down on command. We started the bell ringing and tricks from the very first day we brought Ollie home. Ollie is house trained and that took 2 weeks.....Ollie sleeps in a crate in my room. 10pm we go out for a finally time and Ollie is up around 7-730. I don't hear any noise from him all night.

He is truly a fun loving puppy.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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