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I'm torn!

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Help! I can't decide whether I should get a Cocker Spaniel or a cockapoo? As cockapoo owners, I appreciate you may be a little biased but I would particularly love to hear from owners of both breeds. How do you find they compare temperament wise. I have 2 youngish children. Is one better with children than the other? (would be looking at a show type Cocker not working). Thanks.
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Hi, although breed does go some way to helping choose which is suitable to have with kids, I would say that early puppy socialising with children amoungst a whole lot of other things is key to the temperament of your dog and of course the tempermant of mum has a big say so too. So both breeds would be a great part of your family a long as they are bred and reared well. Good luck!!!!
Oh and I chose a cockerpoo as we needed low/non shedding dog as have asmtha and eczema in our family now, so if this isn't a factor I would just go with which ever you like best.......cockerpoos rule though:D:D
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Karen is right.. I had the same dilema as you though as I love both.
The breeder I got Betty from bred only Cocker spaniels from many years ( Betty was from her first litter of cockepoos).
If you google Precious Paws,Holmes Chapel you will find the breeders website. You could have a chat with Anita to ask her views...
Hi Rach

When I was born, our family dog Barney - a working Springer Spaniel used to lie underneath my cot at night and by the age of 1 I rode him around on his back - the most gentle dog in the world and my parents trusted him with me. We then had cocker spaniels after Barney passed away when I was about 9 (working not show) and again the most loving and soft dogs. I moved out last year (only next door) and my dad still has a cocker and I have Nacho (a show type cocker x min poodle) and they have very similar temperments even though Nacho has show and not working in him. I would say that Nacho is a bit more fiesty than Scooby but then he is a puppy so it is difficult for me to comment. I would say the spaniel breed is an excellent choice and if you socialise and do all the right things when they are young, you will get a dog that will be perfect to fit in with your children and lives. I must say cockapoos are much more cuddly than cockers though - Only because they are bundles of fluff!

Good luck making your choice. :)
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I can give you a balanced view, although I am cockapoo crazy .. well I will try :S

I like cockers and poodles, but I adore the mix in cockapoos ...

The coat.... I loved the idea of a low shedding coat and I just love the overall look of cockapoos ...

However cockers are stunning dogs and we have a few nearby that are perfectly trained show cockers ... who are totally beautiful, lovely size and stunning coats ... but I am just more cockapoo.

All I would say is find a good breeder whatever breed you decide on, someone you like and trust is doing the best for their dogs and the litter too .... I have lots of information about cocker spaniel, poodle and cockapoo health testing on My Dogs Life which is all very important... also a puppy buying guide which may help you in your search ...



Happy puppy search xxx

Keep us posted please
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Hi, my friend bought a show cocker soon after I bought Izzy and they grew up together (not in the same house). The apparent differences: poo - far more energetic, more intelligent, more wilful and consequently took a lot more training, still not always as obedient as the cocker, more enthusiastic to meet new people and loves all children we meet (neither of us have children). The cocker sheds and my friend really really notices the hair, he also smells more than the poo. Both delightful dogs - of course I prefer the poo!
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I have both, although Phoebe is working not show, and Izzy is just a baby, temperament wise I don't think there's anything to choose between them - both loving and cuddly, my kids were 2,6,11 when I got Phoebe as a pup.
hi i think there isnt much in it really a family friend has working cockers that he trained for the sandringham estate and we went to visit with wispa (who is cockapoo) and his daughter was smitten with wispa :love-eyes: and she is around dogs all day , he however couldnt see the point of a fluffy dog!!! :rolleyes: i like the fact that there isnt any dogs hairs all over the house and she is great with my 7 month old granddaughter. hope you find your puppy soon! xx :D
not that i am bias but..... :ilmc::ilmc::ilmc::ilmc::ilmc::ilmc::ilmc::ilmc::ilmc::ilmc::ilmc::ilmc::ilmc::ilmc::ilmc::ilmc::ilmc::ilmc::ilmc::ilmc::ilmc::ilmc::ilmc::ilmc: lol :D
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My friend has a chocolate show cocker (cookie) Buddy loves him to bits so we decided to take them both for a walk at the weekend ,Cookie is 1 year old and the reson Buddy loves him so much is that hes just as bouncy and fun as Buddy ,so i would say temperment wise their a match.

The only way i could pick between them is that Buddy is just so darn cute!!!! Ijust love his wavy thick coat and his chunky looking face so on looks i would have to say its a cockapoo everytime for me.
I don't have experience of both pets but yes at the end of the day I would say it comes down to the shedding/lower shedding coats and the preffered look, so fluffy and curly, or straighter and flatter :) Only you can really make the decision of which dog best suits your wants/needs, but most on here are biased as amanda said above, :iagree: :ilmc:
Thanks all! I love both but the fact that cockapoos are low shedding is a big bonus for me. Just have to convince my husband who is not so sure (but then he won't be cleaning up the dog hairs!)
Exactly, you tell him that! Haha, or tell him he'll be cleaning them up & he may see things a little differently ;)
Thanks all! I love both but the fact that cockapoos are low shedding is a big bonus for me. Just have to convince my husband who is not so sure (but then he won't be cleaning up the dog hairs!)
You know that reputable breeders encourage you to visit to help make a decision. When I took my hubby and he was busy cuddling the puppies, he was amazed by the fact that he wasn't covered in dog hair. For some people it really can be a issue.

I went to a friends house this weekend, wearing black jeans. Their huge white Mountain Dog wanted a tickle. Within seconds my jeans had white fur all over them. Personally :eek:
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