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Insanity reigns after the rain

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Whew! Chip has been doing so well, rained lightly the other day, got him out on the grass anyway, big feeling of relief. Chip is STILL IN 16 WEEK WINDOW OF EXPERIENCES WHEN biggest.storm.ever. (or at least since May - it hasn't really rained here since then), hits last night. Hail, torrential rain, etc., power goes out. Neither dog will go out in soaking grass (who can blame them), Chip had an accident on the carpet last night and today. Dogs freaked by no lights, etc. Hoping Chip takes it all in stride! The poodle did NOT set a good example - he's 4 1/2 and was really wussy! LOL.

The dogs are still crazy wild today, storm apparently really threw them off. So amazing how animals react to the weather.
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have you tried on of those calming plug in thingys? (sorry dont know what they are called) you can get them from the vets, my mum and dad used to use one for their bichon frise 'Winston' who had terrible fear of storms and fireworks etc? also i have heard that using a C.D with the sound of thunder etc can help, apparently you start leaving it on really low and then sensitise them to it gradually. Also try not to give too many cuddles, when they are scared because apparently this can reinforce the behaviour just gentle reassurance instead apparently... (i have been doing a lot of research lately can you tell? :D )
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Claire - that's funny about the research! I researched for my grandmother's dog before as well. My older poodle has never had a problem, and the storm came out of nowhere really for the little one. I like the idea of playing a DVD of the thunder to desensitize them.

My poor grandmother's maltese keeps her up all night when there's a storm. It does seem too they sense the change in pressure and such. They're better now that the grass is drying up! LOL.
To be fair, they are not wrong really!
if i could sense the pressure/electrostatic from an impending storm, im not so sure i would want to be standing on wet grass either!! LOL :undwech:
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