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Interceptor and Food

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Question. I give Axle Interceptor every month for heart worm prevention which is caused by mosquitos. Is it bad to not give it to him? I live in the desert and mosquitos are not here. From what I have been told mosquitos are the only way to get heart worm. So, is it a waste of money since this bug is not here?

Next, how often do your puppies eat? I feed Axle 1 cup in the morning (he eats Evo) and one cup at night, he only eats sometimes. He will nibble at it, wont eat at all, or will eat the whole serving. I put his food down at the same time everyday and for only 15 minutes but I feel bad when I put his food up and he has not eaten any of it. Do Cockapoos just not have an appetite sometimes?
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Bailey is now 6 months old & we've been feeding him twice a day - 1/2 cup of Blue Buffalo Dry chicken (for pups) add a drop of water to give it extra flavor. Sometimes Bailey licks the bowl clean and other times he leaves some. There are times I have to put a few knibbles in my hand to get him to start eating.

As for the heartworm meds - we live in NJ and were told to give Bailey a heartworm pill every month - however, I purchased them from PetCareRx and saved a lot of money. My vet also recommended that Bailey take Comfortis (pill) once a month for fleas, but the script was for puppies 5 -10 lbs; vet wanted to give him a mild dose.
I know I've told you this before, but buying your meds from PetCareRx will save you so much money.
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