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Introducing Enzo

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Been looking on this website since deciding to get my cockapoo. I collected him on the 11th of May & he is my beautiful baby. I can't have human babies so he's extra special to me. He is now 15 weeks old & growing very fast. We got him from a wonderful breeder in Stotfold Hertfordshire & she has been amazing & so helpful before & since we collected him. I have looked on here so many times for help & advise & it has been so helpful. I'm very lucky as I can take him to work with me where he gets so much attention & cuddles! Here's some pictures of my Enzo I thought you might like (not 100% sure how to attached them so hope they've come out ok).


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adorable little baby
We are very close in location, Liz!! I'm in Biggleswade Bedfordshire so not too far away! I have Minnie who is 11 weeks and got her just outside Bedford!

Your Enzo is absolutely beautiful! :) x x x
Thank you, was so hard just picking a few pics, so nice being able to share with other dog owners, think I'm boring all my friends with photos & stories!
Ahh Minnie is a lovely name, there aren't that many breeders our way are there! It's nice to find one close to home though.
There isn't many breeders round here very few and far between!
I thought the same thing nice knowing theres someone round her with a cockapoo puppy
:) xx
Aww he's gorgeous... And has similar colouring to my Jarvis (he's five months!) x

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Very cute, I see he has the cockapoo trait ( the love of socks ) xx
LOL Enzo is the name of my brother in law...this makes me giggle! he is a gorgeous boy....the dog...not my brother in law. lol!
Aww, Enzo is such a handsome chap! We got Honey the week before you got Enzo! And from over that way also! Has he started loosing his teeth yet? Honey lost her first last week bless her!
Ahhh Enzo has a lovely coat, hope he continues to bring you loads of joy and happiness...something I think cockapoos are just fab at doing :)
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