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Hi my name is Yue and I joined this forum the other day. I found it through google as I was looking for information on cockapoos. I'm hoping to find a cockapoo that is a working English Cocker X Miniature Poodle but where I live it seams to be very hard to find a cockapoo breeder at all or maybe it's just me not very good at finding one.
I live in the southern part of sweden right now studding for a master degree in computer science. Have been dreaming about getting my own dog for a very long time and about half a year ago I found out about cockapoos and read something about cockapoos being among the top 10 for people with astma and allergies. This led me to start to look for more information about cockapoos as both my parents are allergic to fur and my mom and her parents all having astma. Some dogs gives my mom and her parents very little trouble and some gives more, but this is not the only reason for why I'm wanting to have a cockapoo now. As I have been reading about cockapoos, looking at a lot of pictures I have just fallen in love with this mix.

Do anyone know of a reliable breeder in sweden or someplace nearby (not more then 1.5 hour away with plane from south of sweden). Someone within Sweden would be ideal. I'm not in a rush I am going to take my time finding my perfect dog and make sure I have someone to watch my dog if I need to travel somewhere which happens sometimes. Right now I have 2 friends where I live who have had dogs before.
I own experience with dogs started when my mom found herself a new guy who had a dog and after I went off to university I have been working extra as a dogwalker with usually 1 to 3 dogs at the same time but at 2 occasions I have had 5 dogs that I've taken on the same walk without incidents. So I am quit comfortable with being able to take the responsibility it takes to have a dog.

ops this ended up becoming a lot longer post then I intended but that happens when I start babbling...
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