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Introducing New Donkey

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Well despite attempts at getting another donkey we have settled with this

I know it looks a bit giraffe-ish but it was the best I could find as the real Donkey is now on the daily surgery list

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Hello Donkey and welcome to ILMC ... warning there will be many cockapoos on here who want to be your best friend .. love your dangly legs :) ... Cara is a lucky poo ...
you will have to let us know if it is a good replacement! good luck Donkey 2!
At the moment Cara and Donkey 2 are snuggled up on the sofa with Derek - he's watching the football xx I'm in bed yeah ... Got the whole thing to myself for now xx
awwww. I hope she loves donkey 2 just as much as Donkey The First!
Hello Donkey 2

Did you not get a stuff toy off the website i found? i ended up with a lion and an elephant Buddy loves them.
Ahhhh sounds like she likes it .... lets not tell her that its not a Donkey xx
Dexter would love Donkey 2! He'd carry it around by its legs :)
hahha that is cute...Lady wouldn't carry him around by the leg...she would chew through it in one night
We call this one donkey to he just grew a little in the wash xx
perhaps you should buy another ,for the future!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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