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Introducing Our Cara

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Hi Everyone

My hubby and I are new Cockerpoo owners (previous German Shepherd owners) and have the delightful little Cara to bring joy and craziness to what was a fairly quiet life.

I did a lot of research to find JDs and I'm so pleased we made the journey across from Lancashire.

Just started puppy classes tonight, what fun and she was absolutely exhausted afterwards.... so were we though!!:)


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Thanks she is a love but boy does she have her "Angel Monster" moments:)

I really look forward to getting home after work for play and cuddles ... I'm the reserve shift as my hubby has her all day!
Cara is just lovely! Congrats on joining the ranks of cockapoo owners!
Hi Kirsty and welcome! I'm so pleased you have joined the forum. We do like to keep up with the JD pups, watch their fantastic progress .....and also hear about the naughty bits too!! I'm mummy to little Basil from Molly and Ziggy.
Cara is stunning. Is she a Bramble x Ziggy pup? Love her!

I start puppy classes with Basil on Tuesday next week :). Really looking forward to it.

Keep us in touch with Cara's progress and don't forget to tell us about all the naughty antics too! Lol

Karen xx
Hello Kirsty! I ditto Karen - really pleased to see you on here. I remember Cara as she has unusual colouring and was loved by all that met her!!! She sounds like she's settling in well. We start puppy training next week and are looking forward to it (I think!).

Harri x
What a lovely little puppy but so weird to read my name!
Welcome - Cara is lovely, what a beautiful face :D
Hi Kirsty, welcome to the forum. Cara is beautiful, lovely to see you both on here. Izzy is a Lilly x Ziggy pup :)
:welcome:Kirsty and lovely Cara - you will enjoy this forum and get lots of useful Cockapoo tips ... i know it did:)
Hi Kirsty & Cara
Welcome. Cara is lovely looking. :D
Hi & welcome to the forum ...

We will want to see lots of pic of Cara :) and hear lots of stories too ..
Hi Kirsty glad you've joined us... Cara looks lovely x
she is really a gorgeous girl
Welcome Kirsty and Cara ... she really does have a pretty face, love those freckles. Which JD litter was she from. I have Bess from Pear/Fester. :D

Look forward to seeing her on here more.
Hello and welcome to you both! Cara is gorgeous!!

Max is a JD pup also, from Molly x Ziggy xx
Hi All

Thanks for all the kind words. Cara's doggy parents are Bramble and Ziggy she's sat next to me on the sofa chewing her Kong bone, contemplating sleep .... Ok change that ... time for my ears to be cleaned again!!

Kirsty x
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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