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hi karen
thought you might!
boycie loves meeting samson down park
he loves to run with him
they have so much fun
now boycie seems to look for him whenever we go out!!
cockapoos are so cute,
i love them all
we actually met boycie s half brother yesterday down the same park!!
hes called jackson and really jet black and velvety to touch

how are you getting on with your two??

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How lovely to meet a dog thats related, how old is it? and does it have the same mum or dad. I love seeing other cockapoo especially when I dont have mine with me cos they dont expect you to know what breed the dog is . Yeh they are doing great thanks Mabel up about half six, seven but its been a while since she woke in the night she's going alot longer between wees as well but I think we expect her to need to go .. poor thing. She like playing I stand at the lounge door , they think I need a wee so they open the door and I run to the kitchen just in the hope that I might get fed!!! It gets a bit tedious but the time I dont go she will want a wee. But she loves going out and is much bouncier than Wilf ever was ... I was washing Wilfs paws in the bath and she jumped in .. I think she's a tigger !!!!! Any upto date pictures of Boycie , how is his eye ?
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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