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Introducing Teddy to next door's puppy

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Teddy is 19 months and there has been a recent arrival next door in the form of a bichon frise puppy. I look in on puppy during the day and now she is about 4 months old I have been trying to introduce the two of them. My heart is in my mouth though as there is a big difference in size and although their tails are wagging I think Teddy is too rough with the little one. She sometimes tries to hide under a chair but most times she goes after him even when I think things are getting out of hand. I keep the meeting to about 10 minutes or so for the time being. They do seem to miss each other at times and I have seen Teddy and Lola on either side of the fence crying to get together. Anyone got any tips? I would love them to be friends but want to the introductions properly. Any advice welcome.
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You seem to be doing well! Teddy is probably being more gentle than you think....after all the puppy would yelp if she got hurt. Dogs seem to just know to be a little more careful. i am sure they will be great friends.
Thanks, Mo - it is always a responsibility looking after somebody else's dog and I would hate for this wee thing to be injured. Makes me a bit paranoid, I'm afraid, but I will keep trying.
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