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Introduction to Lady

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Hi my cockapoo is 6 months old and a absolute dream she is a very special puppy, we also have a big black Lab who also is great but 8 years old now and just getting used to Lady. I met Millie dog in the park and she told me about this site!!!!!! I am getting a little anxious about her coat as it is changing all the time, has anyone got any ideas on how to groom trim her as she still has her puppy coat... I used to do hairdressing so think I might be able to have a go at her myself as I don't fancy the poodle parlours. So pleased we choose this breed as have met so many lovely like minded people.

Lesley x :)
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Hi Lesley and :welcome: to the forum. Have you got a picture of Lady for us? I'm probably quite local to you so hope to bump in to you one day too.

I wouldn't worry to much about cutting her yet unless you think she really needs it. Perhaps trim the hair around her eyes and her bum, just a quick tidy up. I went on a one day dog grooming course at Merrist Wood College and found it really helpful and groom Obi myself.
Hi Lesley
Well done, you found your way back onto here :) Now to help you upload a photo.

First, you need to have photos of Lady & Giles on your computer. Then create an account on Photobucket.co.uk Once you have an account made, from photobucket Upload a picture from your computer. When the photo appears on your photobucket page, hover over it and box appears offering 4 options. Take the 4th option IMG Code, click on this and it says Copied.

Come back onto ILMC site and either in this thread or another thread in the reply box, right click and Paste the IMG Code onto here. Your picture will appear.

Good luck:)
Hi! Great name!! ;) My Lady says hi to your Lady!!
Would love to see a picture! Welcome!
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