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Hi, my name is Rachael and like so many others on this site, me and my family would dearly love a Cockapoo, and so the search has begun! Although we have had dogs previously, we are new to Cockapoos, but from reading about their temperament and characteristics they sound ideal for our family, beside the fact they are of course absolutely gorgeous dogs!

We're ideally looking for a male - either black or chocolate - pup and although we live in the South Yorkshire area we are willing to travel for the right pup!

Any guidance or advice in finding the right pup would be greatly appreciated!
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Hello Rachael and welcome! You will find lots of interesting advice to read on The Cockapoo Club of GB website, which might be worth a look. There are various posts on this forum about breeders all over the country, I believe Turi has a list somewhere :)

Good luck with your search! xx
Hello - We bought our first Cockapoo last April and she is gorgeous so you have chosen the right breed. Have you looked at www.breedersonline.co.uk as they have a lot of puppies for sale and seems to be one of the sites lots of people prefer. Good luck with your search :)
Hi Rach .. great to hear you and your family are wanting a cockapoo .. you will find loads of good advise on here ...

You could have a read through the puppy buying guide on My Dogs Life to help you on your search, plus Sarah and Shirley run a cockapoo owners club on here, which also has good advice ....

Shout if you need any further help, but most of all enjoy your search :)

Katie a member on here is a home breeder and I think she is in Yorkshire .. so she may be able to help you too xxx
Hi & welcome! :)

Do you know what cockapoo cross you're after?
English chow cocker x miniature poodle, English working cocker x miniature poodle or an American cocker x miniature poodle (all can be crossed with toy poodles to make them smaller - although no as commonly found in the English cocker breeders).

Where abouts in Yorkshire do you live? I live about 20-30 minutes from Leeds :)
Yes lola24 is Katies username & she lives in York & has a pup from her first litter that is over 6 months old now I think.
Hi Rachael and welcome to the forum! :) You will got lots of great friendly advice on here to help you with your puppy search. :D
Hi you could get in touch with Lola24 as she is helping to rehome a 16 weel old choccy pup at the moment, in yorkshire. As far as I know they are still looking for a home, just though it may be worth considering.

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Thanks for all the replies so far and the great advice and guidance! For those who posted about Lola24 - I've just dropped her a message to get some further details. :)
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Hi Rachael and welcome!

That wee chocolate pup is gorgeous!
Sorry everyone, I didn't read thoroughly and I see some had already recommended getting in touch will Katie :rolleyes:
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