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We picked up gypsy a couple of weeks late as my mum had a holiday to blackpool booked and it made more sense to pick her up on the way home rather than pick her up and then a week or 2 later try and find somone to watch her.
we werent asked to pay any more than the cost of ther 2nd jag that she got with the breeder.
gypsy has a very strong bond with my mum even tho its me who has done all the training grooming and feeding. she just seemed to pick my mum. but my other three have bonded with me. espetaly echo even though i missed the first full week of her being in the house so she as just ober 9 weeks when i got to spend some propper time with her.

i would say its best she stays were she is till after your holiday. it will be less disruption for her.
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