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Hi there!

Not sure I've seen you on here before - my name is Turi and we brought home our first dog, a female Cockapoo from English working lines, two weeks ago.We're based in Putney - where are you?

A lot of people bring their dog home at ten weeks and don't have any problems. Your puppy will have missed out on the sights and sounds you want her to be accustomed to so you'd need to work hard to catch up but long-term I don't think it would cause any problems. Feel free to look at my blog to find out more about socialising a puppy in London!

I've organised a meet in Bushy Park, Middlesex from 11.30am on Sunday 25th March. You'd be more than welcome to come! There are over 30 people and their Cockapoos coming and a few people coming as a fact-finding tour.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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