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Hi there just introducing myself - we are a London family looking forward to being cockapoo owners! We have reserved a pup from one of the breeders referred to here and I wanted some advice about when to bring puppy home. We are thinking about having a last family holiday at Easter just before the puppy madness begins, but the timing of this would mean bringing home the puppy at aged around 10 weeks. Is that going to damage bonding, socialisation and training? Have not yet spoken to the breeder about this - obviously we would offer to pay for their costs for keeping the puppy for an extra couple of weeks. Has anyone else picked up a puppy so late?
My puppy was 11 weeks when we brought her home and she is doing great she never cried once at night as soon as she had her last wee at 10 30 we put her in her crate with an old tee shirt of mine and she slept until 6 30 am she has been good apart from her bouncy half hour twice a day and she is just about potty trained hope this may reassure you xxx:)
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