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HI, I have a 3 1/2 month old miniature cockapoo, Mindy, my first :) i have been reading about puppies chewing everything, not listening and being hard to train.
I guess I'm wondering if my girl is very well behaved for her age or lulling me into a false sense of security??
We also have a 9 month old bichon (they get on like a house on fire and play outside for a few hours every day). I like to take Mindy for training sessions daily, and shes so quick to learn and so eager to please I'm shocked!)....our bichon was always very hard work! She had my arms and legs black and blue from biting and would literally look at me like "If you want to ball, get it yourself... I have selective hearing...and no, I will never come when you call me, no matter how many treats ". She was always super independent and not people focused really.
I guess I can't figure out why Mindy isn't biting and chewing everything? When I see her try to eat something she shouldnt, I correct her and she instantly responds.Yes, she'll try again later sometimes but she is listening to me and learning as she goes.
She has lots of energy but I cant say shes badly behaved. Although, on her walk today, when she didn't want to go in a direction she lied down flat and just stared at me!
Do I have a very good girl or a crazed lunatic waiting to pounce when she turns 6 months!!
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