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Hey guys wondering if someone can help.
I purchased a pup (apparently only 1 was born)
Alarm bells ringing, but hey we wanted a pup. He is now 17 weeks crazy, playful, loves a walk toilet trained, loved his food treats etc. He did look like a cockapoo when purchased and I saw mum which was a curly cockapoo and apparently is an f1b with a toy poodle.

he is currently 6.75kg and 11inches tall.
he has shed hair since we had him not loads but enough to notice on our clothes.
he now seems to be growing his adult coat with a low strip going down his back or a darker colour getting wider by the day. He’s lost a few teeth and started to **** his leg to wee.
I’ve seen so many cockapoo’s and at this age they seem to still have pup fur and curly coats but ours juat looked like a ball of fluff and now losing it he just doesn’t look like any.

It doesn’t really matter what he is we love him all the same, but I would love to know peoples opinions if he is a cockapoo and show me some pictures of your pup if they
looked like him as a pup I’d love to se how they have turned out.
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