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It feels like summer!

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It was so hot yesterday that I put the kids in their swimsuits and got the paddling pool out in the back garden!

Within 5 minutes, Rosie had burst the paddling pool (luckily, it was only a tiny one left over from when Max was a baby) and was totally soaked by the srpinkler toy and racing round like a mad thing. The kids (and Rosie) loved it!

Now I need to go out and buy a non-inflatable paddling pool that Rosie can't ruin!

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brilliant ! last year Rascal always chased the sprinkler, he loved it and would get absolutely drenched - yet to try it this year with the 2 of them altho I'm pretty sure it will be a hit as Scamp jumps in the bath whenever he can, even when there's no water in it !!
HAHAHAH SO CUTE! and I am so jelous...last night I went out side with lady and had to put my winter parka on!!!! we have no hints of spring over here yet...not fair...lol
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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