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We have now had Boston for almost 10 weeks and being our first puppy, I've been surprised and how much I love the little things about him that I didn't really expect, like...

- When I am preparing his food in his bowl on the kitchen bench, he likes to remind me that he is waiting patiently by laying down right next to me and putting his paws on my feet

- When he is about to go to sleep, he gives one last almighty sigh (reminds me of the muscle jump feeling us humans sometimes do!)

- He has only barked three times since we've had him and each time he did it, he freaked himself out thinking there was another dog in the room (and his bark was this very low, deep, gruff...it was adorable!)

- When he is brushed in the evening, he loves it but doesn't like to admit it. First its like 'oh if you insist I will just sit here and ignore you' and by the end of it he is like 'you missed a bit on my tummy, to the left...no a bit further to the right...gee get it right mum'

- He has the most gorgeous long curled eyelashes and amber coloured eyes I have ever seen. Any woman would be jealous to have them!

- When he walks, he gets this real strut going, hips swaying, head up high, legs prancing, coat jiggling up and down...I think he might be the puppy equivalent of John Travolta from Sat Night Fever...definitely he thinks he is Mr Cool!

And to finish off, here is the cheeky monkey this morning playing with his grooming brush (which he knows he is not supposed to play with). It was so cute I manage to record a little of it.

What are the little things that your poos do that put a smile on your face?


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Ah this is a lovely thread.

The little things I love about Nacho are:

- First thing in the morning when he has slept downstairs (when I haven't been naughty and let him sleep with me) he greets me by literally jumping with four feet in the air around in a circle like a rabbit to greet me.

- When i give him an ear scratch he sticks his tongue out over and over again like a snake (what I think are the equivalent of air kisses)

- When lying on the sofa he'll jump up and it doesn't matter what position i'm in he will find a way so that his head nestles into my neck and he falls asleep and i can feel his little soft breaths on my neck

- Walking on his hind legs (literally like a human). When counting,the record has been 20 seconds balanced on his hind legs in search of food above him on the worktops. With his blue, soft cone on he looks like a very cute circus dog

- Hiding under my duvet unsuccessfully as his tail is normally always sticking out the end.

Gosh I could go on forever! I think i love how loving he is the most. He is just so cuddley!

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I love how no matter how short a time I've been gone (less than a minute even!) Izzy greets me like I've been gone forever
I love how she knows by what shoes and coat I put on whether we're off for walkies, and sits watcbing me in her basket if it's the "wrong"ones
I love how happy she is chasing through the woods and watching her lamb leaping in the long grass and how she never lets me be out of her sight for more than a few seconds before she comes charging back to me
I love the way she gazes up at me when walking to heel
I love how she smells after her bath, and how soft her coat is
I love that she lets me swaddle her and sing her lullabyes after her bath....
........ But most of all I love how she just loves me unconditionally

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sometimes when we think of our pops and why we love them .... it tugs on the heart strings ..... also brings happy years to my eyes xx

ps I love it when they walk on back legs like a little toddler xxx

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It is the happy face first thing in the morning when we all get up. He looks so genuinely delighted to see us and it just brings a smile to everyone's face whatever mood they may have woken up in. There are more but that's the one that happens every day without fail :) and makes us all feel so good.

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When we're out for a walk I love the way they bound across the field and bypass everyone else to come to me with a .....did I do good mum, did I do good? kinda way.

I love the way that halfway through a training agility course Yum-Yum gives me a quick glance then tucks his bum underneath him and scoots round in circles at top speed.....just because its fun.

I love the way they snuggle up and air lick my face ... as they know full contact isn't allowed.

I LOVE the way they seek out my eye contact, waiting for our next move....that makes me melt.

Love this thread.

lovely heart warming post .. got nothing to add except ..... I WANT A POO TO LOVE :):):) wish the winter would "do one" so the spring hurrys up ! (as im on JD'S spring waiting list )

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Aaaww! How lovely, I could ditto so many things that have been said!

In addition to these...

I love the way that Daisy knows she has to stop jumping and sits to have a fuss. If I don't respond fast enough she 'talks' to me! She kind of says 'ooorooororow' if you know what I mean! It is so sweet and I have to fuss her! I also love when she does this that she is sitting but her whole body is still wiggling and her tail waggling as it is such an effort!

I love that she looks at me with such trusting eyes and I feel like I will never let her down.

I love that she puts up with the children in such a calm and patient way.

I love watching her run. Her first off lead run since her season was fabulous. She looked at me as if to say 'thanks!' and then tore off at such a pace...but thankfully came back! She just looked so happy! :)

I love it when she hides her face to avoid having a fringe cut!

I love it when she jumps up onto the sofa for a cuddle every evening.

I just love her because she is her! :D

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I love this post!

I love sleeping in with Lucy. She cuddles up to my neck, and wakes up every so often to yawn/stretch, lick my face, then falls back asleep, perfectly content :)

I love taking her to the park, and watching her sprint back to me when I call her name, ears flopping up and down, and a huge smile on her face.

I love the way she looks up at me, like she just wants to do anything to please me :)

I love that she is such a cuddle bug and takes advantage of any opportunity to sit in my lap! If I throw her a toy, she will get it and run back and leap up into my lap!

I could go on and on.. I love my little girl!

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Love this thread!!

I love the way Betty squeaks with excitement when i come home.

I love her mad 5 mins on my bed in the morning when she hides under the duvet, rolls on her back etc.

This may sound weird but i love her smell. She doesn't smell bad but i swear i could recognise her on her smell alone and when she is at my parents, as she is now, i miss the warm smell of her in my room at night, its just so reassuring!!

To be honest I often say "the thing i love about her is....." so i don't really think it's one thing, it's the whole package.


PS the one thing i will say i love about having Betty is the changes she has brought to my life firstly the things like having to go out when i don't feel like it, secondly the lovely people i have met either through here or just out and about who see Betty and talk to me and have become friends (you never feel alone with a dog) but thirdly is just the love a dog inspires.

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the little things I love about my cockapoos ....

Honey ..
- her cute look when she tries to kiss you (naughty Honey)
- her coat and smell after a pet head bath time
- the way she snuggles is close for a cuddle
- she stands on her back legs and rests her back on your legs so she is facing outwards

- she is aways under our feet
- she enjoys a leg scatch
- lots of cuddles
- her ability to down a pigs ear at high speed
- the way she responds so well to us

You cant beat a cockapoo to make you happy :)

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I love the little "purring noises" Gaia makes when she greets us in the morning or when we come home
I love the sight of her ears flapping as she races back to me
I love the way she settles in her cage when told "Bed time" and sleeps until morning
I love hearing my husband singing to her in the morning, while I'm still in bed
I love that no matter how asleep she seems if I leave the room, she follows
I love how she learns so easily ............... wow I could go on and on ...............

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Aww, this is such a lovely thread and I've had a little cry :eek:

I love the way that Obi....

- Lamp leaps in the long grass
- Brings a toy a plonks it on the sofa and just sits waiting for me to play tug
- Greets us in the morning with a little whimper and bum/tail wagging so hard
- Almost falls over lifting his leg so high, trying to mark his territory...lol
- Waits for the ball to be thrown like a statue often with one leg lifted and tail pointing

and mostly...that he is still here....I love him so much.

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I love it when other dog owners say how beautiful they are.
I love the fact they can tell the time, Poppy when it's time to get up, Rosie when it's time for tea.
I love the way they gently greet an old dog.
I love to watch them running free, and don't care how wet or muddy they get, they are just having fun.
In fact I just love my dogs.
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