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Mine like to paddle but aren't swimmers but im glad really cos im like the neurotic mother with little kids by water.... "mind the edge" "come away from there you'll fall in" lol x
I am exactly the same, you will notice she is on a flexi lead by the water! Izzy is so adventurous, she climbs up banks, dithers at the edge of the quarry and tests the river banks. I walk with a friend with a show cocker a month younger than Izzy, he is so calm and she never has reason to panic. I do have to confess that I had the 'fear' even when my son reached late teenage - I still have nightmares about the 13 year old teetering on the edge of the cliffs around Durdle Door. He's a 27 year old snow boarder now and I have learned not to worry, so perhaps when Izzy is much older..........................xx
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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