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Izzy likes to keep an eye on things!

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Great pics x

She's really sweet
Awww,very sweet!
Is she an American cocker cross?
Ah love her. Its funny how some like to sit at the top of the stairs to survey all that is below :D
Great pics, she looks great! Half way up the stairs is one of Obi's favourite spots too. He likes to watch out the window and see off any potential intruders! ;)
She is lovely :hug:
Baby Izzy (ha, can't call her that anymore!) sits halfway up the stairs, the downstairs side of the gate, waiting for me when I am upstairs.
Hi Cara, Izzy looks lovely. Nice to see her on here again.:D S x
awwww....I have missed Izzy pics!!!
Awww,very sweet!
Is she an American cocker cross?
Hi, yes she is and her mum was a minature poodel; she is quite small compared to the English cocker crosses, she weighs 6.6Kgs.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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