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I'm going away for a few days, thought I'd post some of the latest photos of Izzy:


It's bit wet!

Come on in - the water's lovely!


Digging to Australia

Mucky pup

Come on Mummy

Mountain Goat

Rough and Tumble

First bone

My babies

Sand up my nose!

Hoping my new phone arrives in the morning so I can keep up to date with the Forum. I'm going to miss Izzy terribly :(

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Izzy Wizzy has been busy! Great pics from you Ali again:) She will be fine,but you will miss her big time im sure:( Love the wee hee one! Going to take Pixie and Buffy to the beach tomorrow for their first walkies,dig and paddle,so it was lovely to see your pics x

Thanks for recipie we went to friends today and i took remaining scones,jam and clotted cream......Yum Yum,fat tum:love-eyes:

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What fab pics ,i love the one where shes jumping and also on the radiator so funny ,she looks like shes grown alot.

Cant wait till we take Buddy to the beach he's gonna go crazy (but in a good way)

Enjoy the rest ???
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