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Ok, so were betting our basement redone and tomorrow there jackhammering out a small section of our basement. ill be at school so jersey will be alone. I'm not sure how long they'll be there. Jerseys not allowed upstairs so hell be right above the basement. My question is: will he be ok? Will it be traumatizing or will he just be a little scared and will the sound be damaging to his ears?

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personaly if he is on his own i would prefer him to be with a friend. i wouldnt like my lot home alone with builders.
its not so much safty, you cant explain to him what is happening, he wont understand the noise.

does he startle easilt, get stressed by fierworks, loud TV. you dont want him stressed, it might creat problems he has never had before, like barking all day long when your out, chewing things, ripping things apart, not wanting to leave the house, becoming overly sensative to noise. barking in the middle of the night at any noise, change his behovur to people entering the house.

personaly i would realy want him to go stay atleast next door or with a falily frieand for a couple of hours atleast till they are done.

if you must leave him perhapst pot him in a room further from where they will be working, leave the TV or radio on for him. stuff a konck with some soft cheese, tind dog food, anything like that and freez it then takeing out for him just before you leave. anything that migh help him take his mind off the noise.
he may well not be bothered, but i would rather not chanse it
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how did he get on. ?
thats good then, glad he was ok, did the workmen say if they hered him barking or anything?
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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