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Boston is 6 months old today, so I thought it would be lovely to see an update from any of fellow litter mates from JD's Autumn batch...I know that Woody and Pepper are sometimes on here! Come on...post some piccies please!

We took Boston's stats today...he is 11.7kg, 16" high and 26" long. He's a lovely little boy and we just adore him.

To celebrate his birthday (and mine), we are going down to Camber Sands for the week to have our first doggy holiday with lots of walks on the beach. I can't wait! I'll make sure to post some more photos afterwards.

However, what I haven't told poor Boston, is that a couple of days after we return he is booked into the vet for the snip. Enjoy your manhood while it lasts!! ;-)

And a few pictures of Boston taken today...they grow up so fast! And yes, the hairy monster is off to the groomers tomorrow!

Someone has a serious toy addiction...

And here he is on the weekend, pretending to be a London bus driver! He loves sitting on the upper deck...


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Turi - are you posting from your holiday? - hope you're having a fab time! (how's the tooth?!)

Boston is gorgeous? Does he have a brindle coat? I can see some highlights. Would look lovely alongside Biscuit...............
Hi Jane,

Yes, I sneakily logged in :). I missed you all!

The weather is amazing, my tooth is feeling better (thank goodness) but I'm having major shin issues... so painful I've had to go home at midday on two days. Boo hoo!

Thank you for asking :)

Turi x

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Fab pics of Boston again. He looks great!

Here are a couple of photos of Woody for you.

The first one is of my daughter with him at my parents beach hut. I took the others after he found the bag of grass clippings in the garden...

I haven't measured him lately but I think possibly not quite as big as Boston. Getting there though!

He really is lovely and we're so enjoying having him. He makes us laugh every day :):)

Great idea to have an update. Hope the others appear on here soon (especially Pepper as I'd love to know how Woody's sister is doing).
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