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Well - thats a good question - and I know that we will certainly love keeping abreast of it's and all the other's progress on going. We love the communication we get back from people when their puppies grow - and that's how we got to create the "Who's Who" on our website.

As for THAT puppy - well all the other 5 puppies from Lill's litter were selected today - that specific puppy has been provisionally reserved by one person (on this forum) - though as with all our pups - we await her visit to confirm her choice - because as you know - we prefer our customers to select their ideal puppy once they are 6 weeks old - to see the coat type; colouring; temperament and most importantly - personality ! To us it's a personal thing and we often have people choose a totally different puppy than their initial preferred ideal - especially when they are met and played with in the flesh ! We think its the same as fancying a person - there has to be a chemistry - and even though our customers get to go through the whole "Jaffa Gate" scenario - we are totally happy that we and they have made an educated choice.

We also have customers who rely on Fate to play a part (and ask us to select for them based on their criteria); several customers select by Skype - and several customers come back every week to "play puppy" until selection is available.

Thanks to everyone who has been to visit for readily embracing our hygiene regime in place to protect the young puppies xx

.....and loads of people buy puppies from breeders over the phone after they are just a few hours old with no regrets !

Stephen xx
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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