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jen & liam

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i'm jen, me and the boyf are getting our first puppy together on 11th april...scary but so so so exciting.

i've already been reading a few of the posts on here as part of my research to be the best pup owner i can be, but i still feel i've got so much to learn...expect loads of questions on here from me!

i've attached a picture of the beautiful boy. we're going to name him frank.

lots of love to all you cockerpoo lovers like me xxxx


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Hello and welcome. I've got a chocolate male called Coco he is now 3 months old and great. Your little man looks so cute. Good luck with him when you bring him home.
hey welcome, Frank looks lovely.

feel free to ask any questions, someone will have an answer.
Oh hes lovely - where are you getting him from?

Welcome to you and frank!!!
Oh so cute!! I'm new too :)
A lovely chunky boy .. we're in need of a new pup to follow ... love the name x
Welcome to Frank, and Jen. Can't wait to see pics as he gets older.
Aah so cute ............welcome jen and Frank! :)
All thoselovely sand dunes and beach to play on .. I love St Annes x
Yaaaayyyyyy! Good luck! They are like new born babies.....;)
Oh hes lovely - where are you getting him from?

we're getting him from a girl in blackpool. she's really nice and has invited us round again tonight to see him now he's a bit older. she says they've got a lot bigger and curlier! she's only ever bred once before - she owns the mum cockerspaniel, and her mum owns the dad poodle, so we get to see them both when we go round which is brill.

i noticed another thread on here about the price of cockerpoos...every time i say to someone that we are paying £600 their jaws drop. but from all the things i've read about the breed i think it'll be worth every penny.

All thoselovely sand dunes and beach to play on .. I love St Annes x
i've only lived in st annes since me and my boyf liam bought our first home here last may. we're v lucky to live here, it is a beautiful place. although we should make more use of the beach. i'm sure we will once we get the dog! i previously lived in preston - and i can safely say it's a lot prettier here!!!

the only trouble is we have a field right behind our house. even though i shouldn't be complaining as we are lucky to have such a lovely view to the back of us (just the other morning we saw a few rabbits running and jumping about together on there) we have had THREE incidents of field mice inviting themselves into our warm and welcoming house since we moved in. i'm worrying (you'll all soon gather i worry about everything) that when we get kongs for the dog and stuff peanut butter/other foods in them, the mice are going to smell it and fancy visiting us again:( any tips? or is this something i'll just have to cope with?

thank you so much for the welcome. your posts make me laugh/smile/cringe (dogs eating own poo thread!) and it's amazing to know there's loads of people here to help whenever you need it.

an update: we've got a crate, a comfy bed to go inside it, food&water bowl, a few samples of different foods all by james wellbeloved as this was recommended, a couple of kongs and a couple of other toys. we've already assembled the crate (sad i know - we're only picking frank up on 11th april) and once it was up it made me even more excited for the big day. I CAN'T WAIT!! we've still got loads to get, but these few items seem to have made it more real.

i'll be able to post a couple more pictures after visiting frank again tonight. looking forward to showing him off.

love to you all xxxx
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Oooh how exciting you seem to have it all in hand. The field will be great as well as the beach.. a dog sounds a must. I would nt worry about the kong the stuff inside does nt stay in very long x
Sounds like you're doing all the right stuff to prepare :) Definitely take more pics when you go see him. It's so fun to see how they grow and change over time.
It all sounds perfect!

I have no experience at all, but surely, the mice will smell the dog and will keep well away, won't they? Anyway, like Karen says, food doesn't lie around for long enough to cause a problem!

Good luck!
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