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Jukee doodles in your spare time could you..

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if we all clubbed together and purchased one of these would you have the time to pop around the country and do a spot of grooming of all our lovely poos!:cool: Just a thought:p;)
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please pretty please lol
Oh yes what a fabulous idea! We'll book you Julia!
The Muttley Crew

:laugh::laugh::laugh: You make me laugh! Do you mean a trailer like this one? Hunnee I've been there and done and still own a selection of 't' shirts and fleeces. Now that was HARD work. All dog groomers have my total respect. J xx

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haha Julia was take it that was yours ?
haha Julia was take it that was yours ?
Yes...the trailer was mine...and so was the ex LOL
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haha , take it you well rid of both ;)
:whoo::undwech: all gone ;);)
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