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Tilly is nearly 2 and a half now and she is still as excitable as a puppy! I have trained her not to jump up on me, or my husband, which she is fine with doing. She doesn't jump up on my mum either, or any of my friends that she knows when they come round.

But as soon as she meets someone new (or my Dad for some reason) she just goes nuts! Leaping and jumping all over them, tounge slobbering away as she tries to licks them all over. It's very embarrassing, especially because if I try to tell her off she completly ignores me! I have tried holding her down but no matter how long I try to calm her down for as soon as I let go she starts again.

I also take her for really long walks to try and exhaust her but it doesn't seem to make any difference. She just seems to love people a little too much...

Any advise??
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