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Just joined - 15 days to go!

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Hi all, I have just joined this group as Ted is coming home on 17 September, he will be 8 weeks old. He is our first cockerpoo but our 3rd dog. Currently have a 5 year old collie and 3 year old Springer. They are both quite sensible and pretty chilled out but any advice on how to get them all off on the right foot would be very, very welcome! My vet told me about this website so I am looking forward to being involved and sharing the Cockerpoo experience with you all!!! :D
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Hi and :welcome:

I'm sure you will enjoy the site and find it useful for advice. What mix cockapoo is Ted, working/show, toy/miniature? Look forward to seeing photos. :)

hey welcome, wow cant beleave a vet recomended the forum:D

how are the dogs you have already get on with other dogs. Gypsy and inca were about 2 wehen we got Echo then Echo was 2 and the others were 4 when we got Delta. just let them do their thing, you may find you older guys are a little put out but just get them something nice so that puppy coming into the house is seen by them as a good thing.

they will have we spats and the older ones will get a little grumpy, but they will settle.

so what colour is Ted, what kind of cockapoo is he and what colour, do you have any photos yet, what are your other dogs names we would love to see photos of them too.
Thanks for the welcome

Hi guys, thanks for the welcome. I am a bit of a technophob so all this is a bit daunting!! I have put a picture of Ted from yesterday morning as my profile picture. Can you see that?? He is white with black ears and eye patch. He is very cute. I dont know about the size of his dad but I know he is F1 if that means anything. I will ask when I go to see him on sunday! The breeder is my Vet's nurse who asked if I'd have one of her puppies last december when she first decided to go for a litter with her Cocker. It has been a long wait but very exciting. We have been looking into a 3rd dog for a couple of years and he just happened to be a cockerpoo so I am not to up to speed in the technicalities of it all. We have seen him every 2 weeks and he is lovely. Very soft, getting curlier and doesnt seem to be as clever as the rest! He will fit in perfectly as our springer is not too bright either! I will add photos when I work out how!


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awww i know the litter he is from. very cute i know a cockapoo with ver simler markings, turned into a stunning boy but have only ever seen photos of him.
Hi there and a big welcome, I spotted your lovely boy on Katies post he is lovely boy, fabulous colour and markings, he's delish, lucky you x
Oh he's adorable! What a fantastic patch over just the one eye .....and that scrummy nose! How exciting. You really must give us regular updates .....15 days ....it'll fly past!

Karen x
Oh he is adorable, it won't be long until Ted's home with you :)
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