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KIKOPUP: Puppy Training Videos

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We will be bringing home our new Cockapoo on May 11th. I thought I would share a source of training videos I found online.

This is a list of training videos online that I have been watching: http://www.dogmantics.com/Dogmantics/Free_Video_List.html

"Emily Larlham is an internationally renowned dog trainer and artist who resides in Malmo, Sweden. Emily combines her artistic background and training skills to come up with creative, fast and reliable ways of training and modifying behaviors. Her passion is using Progressive Reinforcement Training to solve behavior problems in dogs as well as teaching highly complex behaviors and tricks. Progressive Reinforcement Training is a term created by Emily Larlham to describe a non-violent way of training animals that involves no forms of intimidation."

The videos vary in length but usually cover just one specific topic. You can also find her on YouTube directly under Kikopup, but this list on her website is nice way to organize the topics.



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