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What should I do with her back and sides?

  • Back to the way she was

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Little shorter

    Votes: 2 20.0%
  • Keep it like this

    Votes: 1 10.0%
  • Little longer

    Votes: 6 60.0%
  • woolly mammoth would be good

    Votes: 1 10.0%

Landon Park!

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WOW!!!!! look at your pictures!!!!!

Now, for 'Lo....EEEK I don't even know what to vote! she looks great right now....I can't believe how long her leg hair is right now too! and how straight her coat is.
Lovely photo diary ..

I have voted for a little longer but only because I haven't see her with a longer coat ... you do her exactly how you like her .. you clearly put so much effort and care into her look :) ... mine are woolly mammoths at the moment, both need a cut lol
I'm more feeling how curly she is Amanda lol. Her back is driving me insane, it curls in the most annoying fashion, nearly all the way to her black spot! I hope so so so hard it'll fall sideways or flop soon. But her legs, oh how I love her legs. I've never trimmed then past the elbow you know, never. So really, their not that long, but I'm so proud of them lol.

Thanks JoJo! I don't know how she looks long either, this is the longest I've ever had her! :D I do put a lot of time into this pup, it's totally worth it but quite scary to think about all added up.
I LOVE 'Lo, she is so gorgeous :D
I voted for a bit shorter :eek: I think she would look amazing with shorter on her legs....... but as JoJo said you should go with what makes you happy!
Sacrilege!! :eek:

Trim... her... legs?! *faints*

Sorry, no can do. Unless you got a hundred or so you can fork over? Her legs are NEVER trimmed lol. I got a good record, having gone over two years now and never wavered. Not even once. It does really help that her legs are like insanely thinly furred, but still.

I've always put long flowing legs down in my mind as a thing of beauty, so for me trimming them really short is... wrong. Unless the dog has very thick fur, or is dragging in a pound of greenery after a run, in which case it's justified. ;)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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