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Length of time left alone

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Hi all, just wondering if anyone would be able to help with whether getting a dog would be a good decision.

We are currently thinking of buying a cockapoo puppy but none of us have really raised a dog before. At the moment there are 2 of us adults at work 9-5 mon-fri and teenager who works around 20 hours a week and another teenager who live at home but will be leaving in september.

How much care would the puppy need from day to day if we got it at around 8-10 weeks? and how long would it be before it would be ok to be left for any long period of time?

I'd appreciate if anyone could help from their own experience or otherwise since we obviously dont want to get a puppy if we cant give it full attention.

Additionally, what should i be looking for in a breeder to make sure the pups will be healthy and genuine cockerpoos?

Thanks muchly!
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Hi all. Thanks for the advice. We found a good breeder that checked out in terms of health and we saw the parents and today we brought home an 8 week old white puppy with brown eye patches. She wont be left alone at all for at least the first month and after that it wont be for a few hours so all will be well i hope.

When we brought her home she seemed scared of the big rug we have in the living room but when we put her outside she started looking and sniffing around. Its probably because she was raised in outside kennels and so isnt used to soft furry stuff!

Anyway does anyone have any tips for beginning training and stuff? Like how do we get her to respond to her name and understand basic commands like come? As far as house training goes how long after they have eaten/drank would you recommend taking them outside to poop/wee?

Thanks again! :)
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Here's a pic:
Her name is Poppy

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Shes been not bad at toilet training so far but she has had a few accidents and is quite irregular with pooping, although she wees almost everytime we take her out.
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