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I am a new dog owner (foralmost one year). I love my dog but do have questions. My dog was on a hypoallergenic diet for 3-4 months and then stopped eating it. No improvement in her itching skin either. I have had her on two other commercial diets and she will eat almost to the end of the bag, then refuse to eat and I have to find something new. She had digestive probs as a puppy (giardia 6x before it was cured) She also has a pretty soft stool once a day. Now on this Eukebana diet, she seems to poop an awful lot. What should I do about feeding her? Cook people food? Vet says she is in fine health. She is active and happpy.?

I would also like to know the best harness to prevent pulling and what is the best way to give a dog a bath? She is all white with a little buff color.

Thank you in advance.

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hey welcome, pop up and intro and tell us a bit about yourself and your dog. also we love photos, lol or is that just me

most itching skin conditions are caused by am allergy to wheat or other cereal grains in dog food.

my girls are fed and a raw meat and bones diet, i have know a couple of dogs with bad skin who switched and found a remarkable improvement.

i don't believe harnesses stop pulling i mean what do they put on a husky so it can pull sledge ? its like wiring a rucksack it spreads the weight evenly across the shoulders. but thats just my opinion.

as for bathing, what is it you want to know, its basically just a case of wetting the dog and lathering it up with the shampoo that suites your dogs coat, then rinsing it off till the watter runs clear, then doing the same with a conditioner. if you look on you tube you will find lot of videos made by groomers showing you how to bath and dry your dog.
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