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Local walks in Liverpool, Bootle.

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Hi there,
Im looking for any local walks in the Bootle/Litherland area (Liverpool) where I can let my 13 week old Buddy of the leash to have a good run, I need somewhere that can be enclosed so if he decideds to run he cant get away from me. I did let him of the leash in the Aintree dog run last week and he never ran off, came back to me every time, but my sister was with me with her little Cockerpoo Izzy, the problem with that is I wouldnt really like to go there on my own as it is a little of the beaten track and a bit quiet to go there alone. Would really appreciate any help as Buddy is getting to an age where he needs to run a bit more, as he is starting to bound around the house and garden like a dog possessed...
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