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While the pet shop had a special offer on Barking Heads I took the opportunity to buy the smaller bags for a change (as they worked out cheaper per kg than a big bag) and try Lolly on the different flavours. Over the past couple of days I've noticed that she has been asking for food (which she hasn't done before). We don't have set meal times for her as it depends on when we get up ;) or whether she's going to have an early morning walk or wait until later but she usually gets fed around 8am and 6.30pm. Well last night she asked for food at 5.30pm (hubby took her out for a walk instead to delay her and she was fed about an hour later) and this morning she got me out of bed at 8am :eek: I thought she needed a wee but no it was breakfast she wanted! (it's her breakfast time that varies the most and it has been as late as 10.30-11am before if we've had a lovely long morning walk and she never seemed bothered about her breakfast not being served before we went out)

The only thing I can think of is that the food is so easily digested it's making her hungry. I think I may have to mix it with another flavour to see if that makes a difference. I was just wondering if anyone else had experienced a hungrier dog on this flavour? (Jo Jo????)

Or of course it could be that I'm just not feeding her enough :confused: I never weigh her food (I did early on and now gauge the amount on the amount I remember the weighed food looking like) but am always concerned about not wanting an overweight dog so probably err on the slightly less food side. Lolly has grown quickly and is a good size with plenty of energy and has never asked for food like this before.
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