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Looking for a puppy!

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We're a family based in SW London. We've done lots of research and chatted to many friends with dogs and feel that a Cockapoo would suit us best. I am looking for recommendations of breeders or any future litters probably in the South East. Can anyone please help? I've already looked at Breeders online and the Cockapoo club.
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Hi & welcome! Good choice :D Cockapoos are brilliant.
What cross are you looking for? English show/working or American cocker spaniels x miniature/toy poodles.
Different breeders will breed different crosses.
How far are you willing to travel? Are you looking for larger breeders or smaller hobby breeders?
Any colour & *** preferences?

The cross you want will influence which breeders you will look into.
Hi Mel,

Welcome to the forum!

My name is Turi – I live with my partner Marcus in Putney. It’s nice to ‘meet’ someone else on here who is from London. There don’t appear to be many of us!

As Laura says there are different ‘versions’ of a Cockapoo – the mother can be an American Cocker Spaniel, an English Cocker Spaniel from show lines or an English Cocker Spaniel from working lines. The sire can be a Miniature Poodle or a Toy Poodle. The different combinations of parents invariably produce offspring that have different coats, different muzzles, different sizes and different exercise levels. It’s definitely worth exploring all three options though all three are beautiful dogs with wonderful temperaments. There are a lot of threads regarding this in the ‘Introductions’ part of the forum.

Why don’t you attend a local meet? That would give you the opportunity to see all three and work out what will be right for you.

Marcus and I are getting our first Cockapoo at the end of February – we are sooooo excited. We’d been researching the cross-breed for months and eventually settled on a Cambridge-based breeder who specialises in Cockapoos from English Cockers from working lines x Miniature Poodles.

Best of luck in your search!

Turi x
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Hi I got Monty from TOPMAC COCKAPOOS who are based in Essex. They were amazing and would highly recommend them.

We "booked" our puppy and was called the day they were born with a photo of them all, then a photo each week of the boys. We chose him at six weeks and met his mum and dad at their home and then collected him at 8 weeks.

Good luck and hope to see photo's of your new cockapoo soon!

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