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Looking for cockapoo playdates in Baltimore Maryland.

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Anyone is the Baltimore Maryland area with a cockapoo? My 5mth old is very social and loves to play. We would love to meet other cockapoos to become friends with.
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Hi! I think we live closer to you than most but we are in NJ! I posted a few weeks ago about anyone near here so I think you may be our closest neighbor on this forum! I'll let you know if we are ever traveling near you! Emily is also five months old and loves to play!
PA, USA here. Have not tried to keep track of those near me but trying to do so now. So many people on here. I am in the Reading area. I think because the US is so big, travel time is an issue here. Keep trying.............
Hi Becci, I'm actually in Baltimore and would love to meet up for a play date one day. Kody is a little younger but he loves to play with other dogs.
I work in Baltimore and live in shrewsbury pa which is right near the md/ pa line.. Where did you get your puppy from?

We got Shorty in Owings Mills but I believe he was born in PA.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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