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Looking for the perfect puppy

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Hello, I'm a new member here and have loved looking at al your gorgeous cockapoo's.Our family are looking for an english apricot cockapoo. So far Jandaz seem to be coming up favourites but is it necessary for me to travel this far from Hampshire? Has anyone here got an english Jandaz? They seem to have an awful lot of puppies....:confused: I would hate to get a puppy elsewhere and it not look exactly like the face and build i like. Also we are looking at getting a girl as we have three boys and i'm out numbered! Is there really any preference over gender?
Thanking you in advance.
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We have a little girl (Flo) and she is just lovely, sweet temprement, loving and loves snuggling up, very affectionate. I'm looking at getting another cockapoo in the new year, i'd recommend the breed 100%
hey welcome, i have 4 girls personally don't think i would ever get boy. please remember the cockapoo is a Cross breed their is no true breed standers, so far on this forum we have 4 people who have cockapoo when do not feel their cockapoo is that same as most.
but most do tend to have the same general appearance.

in looking for a breeder have you tried breedersonline.com or Epupz you might find a breeder closer to home.

we traveled from Glasgow to Lincoln for all 4 of our girls, it is well worth the travel for the pup you want. ask the breeder lots of questions if your not happy with the answers then look elsewhere.
Yes i go on breedersonline regulary and study all the ones who have websites! I think i most like the Jandaz looking ones so we'll have to deal with a long drive!
I check the same sites as mentioned above and have been looking for a pup since May .... you soon spot the ones that say raised at home and then notice they are advertising a few litters. I also enquired about a pup only to find it was an F1b pup, not what they were advertising i.e that its Mum was a cockapoo but dad was a poodle. I ended up if they appeared to be a breeder either googling them and if theres any bad press it comes up .. one guy i looked had had loads of bad press and had even been on Dispatches or something . I've also rung thier local environmental health departments to see if they are registered and if they can advice. May seem a bit extreme but it may help x
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