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Looking to buy a cockapoo

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We live in London and are looking to buy a cockapoo puppy, can anyone recommend a breeder?

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hey welcome do you knopw what you are after

American/ English (show or working) cocker cross Toy/Mini poodle

generation F1 F2 etc

boy or girl

do you have a colour in mind

have you tried breedersonline.com, Epupz, pets4homes
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Hi ive just got Buddy from jukee doodles and can highly recommend them ,however you would have to travel quite abit as they are in Lincolnshire but worth the trip.
Have a look at Topmac cockapoos, they have a web site. We are very happy with our dog. They are in Essex. Good luck with your search:)
Hi there,

Puppy search one of my favourite past times ....

First think about what type of cockapoo you want, as Kendal as highlighted above... then have a look on breeders online, pets4homes etc ... call breeders email them and ask lots of questions ... try to enjoy your search and it is hard to find the right puppy at times but this is an important thing.. so take your time and have fun .. like and trust your breeder :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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