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Mad Half Hour

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Hi, just wondered why Brontie seems to have a mad half hour every evening, round about 7pm or 8pm. She seems very happy, just bonkers to play and when we try to ignore her to calm her down, she works really hard to try to get our attention, lol! When it's over, she happily conks out in her bed for the rest of the evening. Is this unusual?
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Hi Marzy, oh that's so reassuring! Thought Brontie had sneaked in the blue Smarties. We sort of try to get prepared for it now but you're right, once its over, she will just collapse asleep and twitch now and then in her dreams! Some evenings half a raw carrot will do the trick to take her mind off tearing round the lounge.
Thanks Dave. Glad it's not permanent then! She does make us laugh with it though and as you say, you have to get prepared. We try to show her something new or save up a bit of her kibble for the Kong. Mind you, she doesnt usually stay still long enough to see what's in it!
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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