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Maggie getting big

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Haven't been on here for a while so just thought I'd share a picture of Maggie at 16 weeks. She is 18 weeks now and doing great although seems to be nipping a lot sure thas down to how fast her teeth are coming trough. :):)


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Thanks for all your lovely replies. Emma everyone loved her name she really suits it. What colour is your Maggie? We call her Maggie may too and Magster haha don't know where that came from? and also Mags!

Hey Gillian. My maggie is black with a tiny White star on her chest. While we are out walkies she finds all sorts of treasures, hence the name magpie! Hehe! Can't wait to tell my friends we have found another dog called Maggie!
Here is a thread with some pics of my Maggie.

Emma x
AAhh Emma Your Maggie is lovely too :) How old is she?
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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