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I'm on a waiting list for a Cockapoo and was hoping for advice re. male/female ? Are there any major advantages/disadvantages to either ***? I have 3 children aged 4,6 and 8 and was thinking a girl would be best. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.


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I've found the temperament to be the opposite, Wilf is definitely my dog to the extent where if I'm not going for a walk he'd prefer not to go, now Mable is predominantly my dog as well she prefers to be with me, but would more likely share her time and if I go will then move straight to my hubbie. Other than that both friendly and loving.
Kates info is great.
Wilf does check his emails when we walk but not an issue and certainly not if off lead, I asked my vet when getting a second dog re mixes of sexes and yeh, they stated that if a dog was neutered then basically they are asexual and also not deemed a threat by intact mails. ( not shouting this too loudly, and this is a secret, but my preference is blue ) :eek::D
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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