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Mary and Harley

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Firstly may I say how touched i was for all of your concern of my lack of posts. I am so sorry for not getting on sooner. I was rough after picnic but had a great time and have been going up to london re hearing (another trip monday yuk) and have had a few down days and just for good measure it looks like may need my knee sorting and waiting to see consultant who operated on my back so not good.
Harley is doing really well and has grown so much, will get some photos posted he now weighs 7.3 kg chunky lump! his training is coming on and has just been learning to stay and will do so until called and then return to me and sit in front. I can also now make him stay while i walk in a large circle round him! we are now learning the word hold slowly he is getting the idea. So all in all things good. Oh and i should mention he won first prize in a fun dog show for the most beautiful eyes bless! willpost a picture with his rosette!
Thank you again for your concern and will keep in touch more often, maybe those who live nearby could get together for walk and coffee?
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Oh it's lovely to hear from you Mary, I can't wait to see some new pics of Harley! As always, he sounds like he is a dream to train, well done to you both!

Sarah xx
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Great to hear from you Mary! I think people were considering a stake out at Costa coffee for you :D Sounds like Harley is doing really well, look forward to seeing your pictures.

We're planning a general group meet up in Verulamium Park in St Albans (see Cockapoo meets) but that's not till Sep. However Obi and I are happy to meet up sooner if you feel up to it as you know we're not that far from you. :)
So pleased to hear from you - we were worried and I deleted your mobile number so couldn't text to check you were ok. Sounds like Harley is doing great - what a big boy he's getting. There's a mini meet at st Albans coming up and hopefully it will be a regular thing - its becoming the cockapoo hotspot of the world! Hope your health problems improve x
its good to be back! forgot how much the stories made me laugh! the dexter story with tampax soooo funny i was in fits. thats Dexter!
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Glad you are back....would love to meet for a walk and a coffee.....big swim to get there though...glad you are doing well despite all the yucky stuff
Hi Mary,its so nice to hear from you...i thought i hadnt seen any posts for a while! Will be nice to see some recent photos of little...or not so little Harley!:hug: Huggs to you both x
Sounds like you've been rather busy one way and another. Glad training is going well. :)
Hi Mary! Great to hear from you again and glad you're well.

I'm especially hoping for a picture of Harley with his medallion on show, so I can compare and contrast, size-wise!
Welcome back Mary, have missed seeing your lovely Harley too :)
Hey Mary - Glad you're back. Lolly has been missing all those dreamy pics of Harley :love-eyes:
Yeyyyyy so pleased to hear from you.... been missing stories about the lovely Harley x
So pleased to have you back and active on the forum Mary. You had us all worried for a while! Hope things improve for you soon health wise.

Karen and humping Rufus! xx
Welcome back Mary, you were missed. Hope things are ok with your knee. Look forward to seeing up to date pictures of your dogs! :D
Good to have you both back on the forum ... things have been up and down .. we understand but we still missed you xxxx

lots of pics of Harley would be lovely as always xxx
Have uploaded an album in pictures - I just hope you can all log on let me know if you have probs!
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