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That is perfect .. cockapoo cuddles .. oh Sarah you look so happy with your 2 beauties ... yippy!
We couldn't be happier :D They are getting used to each other. Daisy rushed to Millie's crate this morning and twice they have been in the same crate together :). We will get there and I think they will be great together. xx

Aww...they really are so affectionate aren't they?! They're beautiful girls :)
Sooo cuddly! Millie just launches herself onto you for a cuddle! She had actually started off on top of me and I had to slide her off to the side. She will happily cuddle up with the children on the sofa, a real snuggly girl! :)

Gorgeous pic - and you went for the chop in the end :D It looks fab :)
Thanks Turi, yes went for the chop, needed a change. :)

I am so happy the way it is going with Millie, she has just slotted into our family so well. We are feeling very lucky. :)
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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