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Meet my Bertie

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Went to see our pup yesterday and fell in love with him straight away !! he was perfect here are a few pictures of him...he was three weeks old.

Dog Mammal Vertebrate Dog breed Canidae

Dog Mammal Vertebrate Dog breed Canidae

Canidae Dog Dog breed Puppy Puppy love

Vertebrate Mammal Dog Canidae Dog breed

now for the longest five week wait!!
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Oh Bertie looks adorable. I'm glad your viewing went well. You can spend the next 5 weeks shopping for puppy stuff!
So pretty! Now you just have five weeks to wait :rolleyes:
He's lovely! - and he'll change so much over the next 5 weeks. How exciting!
Oh Bertie is soooooo cute .... what lovely markings.

Keep those photos coming :) :)
Gorgeous. We got Frisbee on 17th December so my kids used their advent calendar for the puppy countdown. I'm sure Joe will be happy for you to visit again before you collect Bertie so that will break up the wait a bit x
He is very cute - I love his love heart white patch on his forehead - I bet you cannot wait for puppy homecoming day!
Ah he is adorable and his markings are lovely. The countdown is on :D
Adorable. Five weeks will fly by hopefully. :D:D:D
What a gorgeous little chap, lovely photos. :)
Oh wow what a gorgeous little boy he is, will you be able to visit him again before getting him home?
ah soooo cute - the 5 weeks will fly by x
Yes I am but havnt arranged when yet, but we'll give it a few weeks so he'll be more lively and it will help break up this long long wait !! :)
You might want to use these 5 weeks to do 'all day' special outings with your family that you might find tricky once Bertie is home. A trip into London, the zoo or a theme park maybe. It might help to pass the time and once Bertie is home you won't be able to leave him for a whole day so will find those sorts of trips more difficult.
Oh and I noticed that Lolly and Bertie are only half siblings as they have different mums. It looks like Moss is her mum (am I right?) whereas Lolly's mum is Spyder.
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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