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Meet reggie!

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He is the picture of innocence in that first pic. I cant work out what end is what in the second LOL
Oh he is lovely! x
aww I do love a choccy and all cockapoos are naughty it's part of their charm :p
Oh he looks so cute wrapped in a towel!

Turi x
He's gorgeous :D Enjoy!! x
Hello Reggie ... cool name ... lovely colouring :)

Where is Reggie from ... he may have sibling on here :)
Reggie looks gorgeous ... I do love the chocolates.:D
Doh, Ive got the second photo sussed out now. Its a cute sleeping head shot. Once I got where the nose was I could see it easily. Id been looking at it thinking it was the whole body so just couldnt see what was what.
We were wondering if Reggie is related to our Holly, she is cute but really naughty. Also our breeder of Holly has a partner in Leicester, do you think they could be related? What are Reggies parents called?
Aww, thanks for your comments I havn't downloaded any more yet ( quite difficult when every time I sit at the computer he gets on my lap :) )
Ha! Ha! Soo, I know, not the clearest pic but glad you figured it out in the end!
JoJo - he's an F2 cockapoo, I got him from a family that lives not far from me, a result of their family pets, 1st litter, not professional breeders.
take care all xx
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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