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Milo at 13 weeks

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Milo at 13 weeks.
He's been both a delight and a nightmare.He had his first walk today started off like a bucking bronco but then walked quite well not too much pulling.We start basic obedience training on Friday so that should be fun,I hope.
He sleeps through the night in his crate but still never goes in willingly.We haven't had any accidents in the house for the last 2 days still doesn't ask to go out he glances at the back door and thats our cue to move quickly.He obviously likes a audience because he wont toilet unless accompanied.
Milo is brilliant with my grandchildren loves to run and chase with them but is so gentle and loves a cuddle and they adore him.
He's grown quite a bit and filled out nicely, adores being groomed,I do him daily so he gets used to it.All in all he's a good boy and we are very proud of him.
Now if he would stop....eating my shrubs....digging up the lawn....stop hanging off the sleeves of my husbands shirts when I'm ironing.... stop attempting to eat my leather sofa etc etc....he would be perfect :D
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Sounds like Milo is settling in really well! Mine too ate all my shrubs and made the lawn into a Luna landscape but thankfully he did grow out of it, so fingers crossed this time next year you will have just faded memories of the naughtiness of puppyhood and be able to resurrect your garden ;)
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