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missing my girls

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I'm dog/house sitting for a friend who is on holiday, I'm here for just over a week. I'm only 5 minuets by car from home or a half our walk so I'm still going to be able to go see my girls and walk them but no cockapoo night snuggles.

iv never been away from Delta for that long so it will be interesting to see how she reacts, mum text me saying she had been sitting at the door earlier tonight crying.

lol its only the first night and I'm missing them already. i felt a bit neurotic explaining to my mum things like their feeding, what they get, where, when and how. as its Me that deals with the feeding.

so for the next week i have a 9 year old GSD Dodger (Dodge for short) and their new 7 month old rotty corss pup Poppy who is corently snoring beside me.

cant wait to see my girls tomorrow.
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Awwh, poor Delta getting upset. Hope you have a good day with them tomorrow :)
Aw Kendal you are a big softy to miss your girls already. It will be all the sweeter when you do see them. Remember absence makes the heart grow fonder. xx
Let's face there is just nothing that matches cockapoo cuddles!
Let's face there is just nothing that matches cockapoo cuddles!
It's true! At least you're not too far from home and you can still see the girls. Not long until you get your nightly cuddles again :)
I feel your pain, Betty has gone to my parents for a week and it feels very quiet without her at the moment as I rarely have a weekend without her. Delta will be especially excited to see you then when you go home. X
Ah no fun. Poor Delta. Do they all sleep with you at night?
not i cant sleep with them in my room, i move to much in my sleep and only have a single bed so no room for cockapoos at night, but they come in after going out for pees. even on days i work when they are still in the crate when i leave and they see me leaving delta still sits outside my room wanting to get in.

went back earlier and they were exited but not happy i had braught poppy with me. they eventualy settled down. and we went out for a nice walk together. poppy was a but unsure of them, she has only met them one at a time never all at once.

poppys now out for the count and the girls werent happy about me leaving again. but they didnt cry so thats a good thing.
awwww. it is heart breaking when they cry isn't it.....hope you do ok without them for the week.
i got to see echo yesterday when mum came to pick me up to walk big poppy the grate dane. she was whinie but happy. mum sent me this photo the other night, Inca is sleeping in the crate and delta is sleeping out side it, which means Echos cant get in with Inca.

she said Echo and Delta are spending alot of time watching the front door.

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Ah, poor girlies, I'm sure mum is taking good care of them for you, you'll soon be home :hug:
awwwww.cute photo
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